At the end of last year I met a friend (in the chicken line at the local grocery store) that asked if I’d be willing to help kickstart Agile at her import company. I was more that happy to help spread some good ideas so we decided to talk in 2013.

We met up in febuary and they worked their way towards Kanban with a custom visual table for non-routine issues categorized into group & individual lanes. I met with them all to introduce the basic concepts of Kanban and a few pointers and showed up again the following morning for the first standup.

They did plan this well and had a name for the table: Dúi. I really like that they give it their own name…it gives them more sense of ownership that can really help with evolving without having to stick to much to the „rules“ of the methodology they started with. After all if continuous improvement can be incorporated then that’s all the really matters…and it helps to have some fun along the way =)
Another thing I really enjoyed was that they created manga faces for everybody…I’m just a sucker for them =)

It was very much fun to help them kick-start their Agile journey and I look forward to see were it will lead them.