I took a small portion of the Lead & Agile teaching seminar this time around in November/December. Only 2 days and honestly I did try and put too much into these two days…but the plan was very Agile and we changed it during each class to fit the timeframe 😉


At the end of the second day we did a retro and here are the notes I wanted to keep for next time around

  • Agile part too short compared to the Lean part
  • Course survey is done before the Agile part started…this is just something that HI doesn’t setup right for courses that are split up.
  • Add a case-study non IT to explain Scrum outside software development.
  • More games since they give great insight
  • Plan less for each session

Retro leftovers

All in all I think this went well, a lot of things I would have wanted to get through, but considering the time limit I think we got the best out of this time =)