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21. january 2007 disless member

On saturday we showed up at Kjallarinn and recorded the drums for the 6 songs. It's small, but well sealed and the bass drum sounded great. Viktor( of Royal Fanclub ) rough-mixed the drums today and at first glance we are quite pleased with the results.
Next up is bass and we'll be in record mode throughout the next days/weeks.

Ready to record

9. january 2007 disless member

After weeks of "lazy" practicing we're ready for our first demo recording session. 6 songs are up for the first take and we'll start on the drums at the end of this month. The recording will take palce at Kjallarinn that is a studio located in the basement at the guys in Royal Fanclub and we're quite excited to see how good we can the sound down there...

Out of the battle

23. november 2006 disless member

On wednesday( 22. november 2006 at 22:00 )we competed in the Icelandic preliminary's of the Global Battle of the Bands at Hellirinn. We were first on stage and thought we did a hell of job with "Disless" and "Sin". The judges didn't agree so we're out of this competition...

Battle of the bands

18. november 2006 disless member

Next wednesday we'll be competing in the Icelandic preliminary's of the Global Battle of the Bands. Audience & judges decide who gets to the finals so come and see/hear us on next Wednesday (22. november 2006 at 22:00) in Hellirinn and help us into the finals.

We have drums

16. oktober 2006 disless member

Finally we have a drummer. Out little rock band is now complete and we are off to training camp for Battle of the bands the Icelandic preliminary's coming up next month ... a lot of work to catch up after the last 6 months of hibernation.

What is Disless?

23. february 2006 questionmark

dis•less [dîslœs]
1 of high quality : this was a disless performance.
2 (of a person) worthy of or eliciting admiration : what a disless human being he is.

3 a state of extreme greatness or well-being. She is feeling disless.
4 a rock band from Reykjavik City, Iceland.
ORIGIN Icelandic-English : combination of the negative prefix (dis) and the adjective for small amount or quality (less).

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