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21. january 2007 disless member

On saturday we showed up at Kjallarinn and recorded the drums for the 6 songs. It's small, but well sealed and the bass drum sounded great. Viktor( of Royal Fanclub ) rough-mixed the drums today and at first glance we are quite pleased with the results.
Next up is bass and we'll be in record mode throughout the next days/weeks.blinker

What is Disless?

23. february 2006 questionmark

dis•less [dîslœs]
1 of high quality : this was a disless performance.
2 (of a person) worthy of or eliciting admiration : what a disless human being he is.

3 a state of extreme greatness or well-being. She is feeling disless.
4 a rock band from Reykjavik City, Iceland.
ORIGIN Icelandic-English : combination of the negative prefix (dis) and the adjective for small amount or quality (less).

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